How To Find Your Dream Job By Design Thinking!

Dream jobs are not the jobs that can pay you even if you don’t work or pay you in lakhs without any progress in your work. What you can find is there are lots of interesting jobs in worthwhile organizations. There are good jobs with good people that can make close enough to the job you imagine and you can really love those jobs. But these dream jobs are part of the hidden job market. Internet surfing is not the best way to find your dream job. Because of only 20-30%  of jobs are available on the internet. So there is no wonder so many people feel frustrated and rejected when job seeking.

But we cannot break into the hidden job market. Because that is open to the people who already have a web of professional relations.

Networking To Find Your Dream Job:

While searching for the job, reach out to all kind of people to get connections and referrals to those whom you wanted to meet. Build a network. reach strangers also if they can help you with your dream job. It is hard at first to build a network. Networking also connects you to HR or other people of your dream organizations. Also, you can do well in the interview process with confidence by this research.

Network means to enter in a particular conversation. Every domain of human effort connects us together by a web of relationships. Building professional relationships is the only way to gain access to the hidden job market.

Internet Role:

Speaking of the WWW, it turns out the networking is one place where the internet can really transform your job search. Use the internet not to get online job listing but to find and reach out to the people whose stories you want to hear.

Dysfunctional belief:  My dream job is out there waiting

Reframe: You design your dream job through a process of actively seeking and co-creating it

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” — Confucius

Design thinking can help you to design the life you desire and also help you with your dream job. This, in turn, can improve your productivity and helps to achieve financial independence and can foster your early retirement.

What are your ways to get your dream job?

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Photo by Floriane Vita on Unsplash