A little bit about me...

Better known as Sajit to his family and friends, he has been around the world twice and makes it a point to meet everyone he can. As a tech consultant, he learned the importance of finishing multimillion-dollar projects on time and under budget, which is also the key to completing successful real estate transactions.

A degree in economics led Sajit toward investing in real estate when he flipped his first home soon after graduating college. His advanced understanding of financial markets extends far beyond any traditional “buy low, sell high” strategy. He went on to purchase several more properties around the country and continues to manage them remotely. But being a real estate agent is about more than making a profit to Sajit — it’s about customer service and adding value to people’s lives. He enjoys inviting clients out for dinner to show appreciation and promote lasting friendships after completing real estate transactions.

Although Sajit eats, sleeps, and breathes real estate, he is also an avid food enthusiast that likes to give clients advice on everything from investments to cars. After living around the world, he is planning to settle down and make Dallas, Texas, his home.